VAULT coin is the currency of VAULT Investments shared masternode hosting service, and many additional everyday use cases are planned.

Investing made easy

VAULT created an easy way to invest in and host masternode coins, quickly start earning rewards, choose and configure automatic withdrawals and reinvestment of profits with up to 100% reinvest for maximum rewards.

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Instantly swap Bitcoin for masternode altcoins

VAULT Platform makes it easy to instantly and securely swap Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies.

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Use BTC to buy altcoin packs

Many projects listed on VAULT Platform offer masternode coin packs to suit all crypto budgets.

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Try Before You Buy for 30 Days with no obligation!


Try Before You Buy gives you firsthand experience of what it is like to use VAULT.Investments platform and invest in VAULT coin without any commitment of up-front costs. We will add VAULT coins to your VAULT.Investments account at an agreed price and hold that price for 30 days, and you can watch the markets and see how the price performs and monitor the rewards and see how it grows with 100% reinvest compounding for 30 days.


What better way to make an investment decision than with a no strings attached live performance with a price locked for 30 days.


At the end of 30 days, you have the choice of paying the agreed amount to keep 100 VAULT coins plus the rewards that have been generated, or declining the offer and walking away without any cost or obligation. Until payment is settled, these VAULT coins and the rewards they generated can't be kept, traded, sold or withdrawn from the participating account.

Nothing to lose

What started out as a unique experiment has evolved into what we believe is the perfect investment coin. We are so confident of this, we are willing to stand by our “perfect” coin to give you the opportunity to Try Before You Buy.


Until payment is settled, no VAULT coins can be kept, traded, sold or withdrawn from the participating account.

Yes, all generated rewards are included and no up-front payment

Try Before You Buy is a new initiative aimed at bridging the gap from crypto to traditional investors. Due to the low supply and scarcity of VAULT coin, this offer is for a limited time only.

Try Before You Buy Offer

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100 VAULT coins for 0.016 BTC

with rewards generated over 30 days included.

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50 VAULT coins for 0.0085 BTC

with rewards generated over 30 days included.

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Referral bonus:

6% (6 or 3 VAULT coins) upon settlement of payment. VAULT coins bonus can be held or sold on the open market.

Above details are subject to change
To take up this unique offer:

Sign up for a VAULT Platform account by clicking "Sign In" at, then contact us via the Help menu at the top with subject “Try 100” or “Try 50” and include the email address on your VAULT Platform account.

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If you decide to buy after the 30-day trial period has ends, this will be completed by depositing BTC directly to your own account on VAULT platform.

Offer available only to new customers and holders of less than 50 VAULT coins. To clarify there can be no use or movement of VAULT coins in the participating account until payment has been made or the offer has been declined.